The Best Car Seat Covers of 2023

Car seat covers are an essential accessory for any driver. They protect the original seats from daily wear and tear, spills and dirt. They also help improve comfort and add a customized touch to the interior. Choose a good car seat cover wisely and you’ll forget you ever needed it.

Types of seat covers

There are many styles of seat covers to choose from:

  • Universal: fit any vehicle and are more affordable. They attach with straps or elastic.
  • Custom: specifically designed for your car model. Perfect fit.
  • Front: for the driver and passenger front seats.
  • Rear: protect second and third row seating. Ideal if traveling with pets.
  • High or low back.
  • Leather or faux leather: real leather withstands wear better but needs more care.
  • Fabric: more affordable and easy to clean. More variety in styles.

Seat cover materials

The most popular materials are:

  • Leather or faux leather: durable, elegant and easy to clean. Top grade is nappa leather.
  • Polyester fabric: inexpensive and wide variety of textures, colors and patterns.
  • Neoprene: highly elastic and adaptable. Protects from heat and cold.
  • Flannel, canvas or velour: soft, machine washable and protect from wear.
  • Blends: combine materials like vinyl/fabric or fabric/leather for better performance.

Benefits of car seat covers

The main advantages quality car seat covers provide are:

  • Enhanced comfort and grip while driving.
  • Protect original upholstery from stains, rips and sun fading.
  • Insulate from excessive heat or cold from the seats.
  • Refresh the look of the interior with updated colors and designs.
  • Customize the vehicle.
  • Make cleaning crumbs, pet hair etc. easier.
  • Kids ride safer with no risk of burns in summer.

Things to consider before buying

When choosing car seat covers, you must consider:

  • The exact model of your vehicle for a perfect fit, especially if you pick custom ones.
  • If you need full or partial protection, backrest only.
  • The intended use: daily, long trips, pets
  • The most suitable materials for that use: easy cleaning, breathability…
  • Durable finishes in high abrasion areas like seams or zippers.
  • Removable and machine washable or dry clean only.
  • Mounting possibilities: straps, hooks, non-slip base…

The Best Seat Cover Brands

Some recognized seat cover brands are:

  • Plasticolor: wide range of designs and licenses with good quality-price ratio. Durable materials and long lasting.
  • FH Group: one of the best sellers on Amazon. Huge variety of colors and fits. Polyester and faux leather.
  • Clazzio: custom leather seat covers with precision fit stitching. Luxurious and durable.
  • Wet Okole: with best fit technology and top grade materials. Excellent rear seat protection.
  • Smittybilt: leader in off-road accessories. Their covers are very rugged even off the pavement.

The Best Places to Buy Seat Covers

We recommend purchasing seat covers from:

  • Specialty stores in auto accessories as Amazon. Professionals advise you on the right model.
  • Manufacturers’ websites: competitive pricing when buying directly from producer. Fast shipping.
  • Amazon: extensive variety of brands and designs with verified reviews. Excellent after sales service.
  • Auction sites like eBay. Affordable second hand or overstock options.
  • MercadoLibre: new and used seat covers at very competitive prices. Fast domestic shipping.

Seat Cover Care Tips

To keep your seat covers looking good and lasting long, we recommend:

  • Frequently checking straps or elastic bands are tight.
  • Cleaning spills and stains quickly before they soak in.
  • Regularly brushing off pet hair.
  • Washing fabric covers according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Protecting covers when hauling heavy cargo that could damage them.
  • Not leaving leather exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.
  • Covering with blankets or extra covers on long trips to minimize wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly install seat covers?

Closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Stretch the material well for a wrinkle free fit. Secure straps tightly and test hold.

Can I machine wash the covers?

It depends on the material. Fabric ones yes, leather only by hand. Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations.

How do I remove tough stains?

Use auto specialized cleaners or a mild mixture of warm water and neutral soap. Don’t rub the stain harshly.

Are seat covers legal in cars?

Yes, they are completely legal as long as properly installed and don’t interfere with seat functionality and safety.

Do covers work well on leather interiors?

Yes, they actually prolong the life of the original upholstery and add an extra layer of protection and comfort.


Installing quality car seat covers is one of the best investments to protect original upholstery, add comfort and give your vehicle interior a customized touch.

With so many brands, materials and places to shop available, you’ll surely find the ideal seat covers for your Toyota, BMW, Honda, Tesla or other car at the price you’re looking for. Keeping them clean and fitted, they’ll accompany you for many miles.

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