Car Maintenance After Road Trip

The holidays are over and it is time to return to reality, to work, to the traffic jams and to continue with our normal routine. But before we forget about those wonderful holidays, if we travel with the car it is important that we review some things. Very essential Car maintenance after road trip 

In this season it is customary to make a long road trip or even several short ones to different destinations, adding quite a few kilometers to the car.

Not to mention that the heat, the extreme cold, the sun, the mud, the sand and the wind of the beach, the changes in the weather and the trunks full to bursting produce greater wear and tear than normal use of the car during the rest of the year. .

So that our car remains in good condition after a vacation and we can continue driving safely, there are some cares that we must take into account after a trip:

Check mileage and dash lights

It is important to know how many kilometers we traveled during our vacations, in case it is necessary to carry out one of the preventive car maintenance that the manufacturer marks us and verify that none of the control lights is indicating a problem.

empty the trunk

When we travel by road we tend to carry more things than are strictly necessary, including toys, sports equipment, portable coolers and other things that we can use in the field and on the beach.

It’s important that we get all of this stuff out of the trunk when we get home, because all that extra weight affects gas mileage.

inspect tires

Especially if we have driven on dirt roads or tracks in very poor conditions. It is necessary to check the pressures and check that the treads are not excessively worn or unbalanced, also check that they do not have deformations and cuts.

For safety, if you find them in poor condition, it is better to change them and not expose ourselves to breakage or causing major damage to our car.

Exterior and interior cleaning

Between bugs crashing into the car, mud, sand, dust, moisture, and more, our car always comes back from vacation pretty dirty.

It is important that we do a thorough cleaning inside and out, especially if we were on the beach because salt is very corrosive, in this case it would be ideal to include the lower part and even the engine, to extend the life of the joints and cables.

Check fluid levels

Check the oil level, the brake fluid, the coolant and even the windshield wiper fluid and fill those that are below the recommended level, also check the filters to make sure they do not have leaks.

Check the condition of the windshield wipers

Not only do they deteriorate due to little use, but also exposure to the sun because it hardens the tires, so we must check that they are in good condition and replace them if necessary.

Car Maintenance After Road Trip


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