One Driving Technique To Increase Fuel Efficiency Is?


7 beneficios que te aportará la conducción eficiente -

Before listing the benefits of efficient driving, it is crucial to know its definition and in what context it occurs.

Efficient driving is one that is governed by a series of simple and effective rules, which seek to take advantage of the possibilities offered by current car engines to achieve low fuel consumption, reduce environmental impact and improve road safety.

Along with more efficient car models and technologies, driving style determines the amount of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. Harmful emissions from cars are one of the causes of deteriorating air quality, especially in cities. Transportation, despite the heyday of the electrified car, continues to rely mainly on fossil fuels, which produce high emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

In this context, the importance of efficient driving is understood. Because, looking back, efficiency has been the great forgotten in terms of mobility. In Spain, for example, transport burns more than 60% of the oil consumed, according to data from the DGT. These figures make us rethink the use of the car (or any motor vehicle) in a more efficient and intelligent way.

Smart driving for the benefit of your car and the planet
Once the origin and concept of efficient driving have been understood, it is time to detail its advantages.

The first benefit of practicing efficient driving is related to financial savings. Several studies have shown that this style can save between 10 and 15 percent on fuel. To achieve this, special care must be taken when starting the car or when using the accelerator and brake, being able to anticipate traffic situations. Maintaining an adequate and constant speed makes the engine “work” less and reduces fuel consumption.

In addition to lengthening stops between refueling, another advantage of practicing efficient driving lies in the savings in maintenance costs. Less wear is generated on all vehicle parts, brakes, clutch, gearbox, engine or tires. As they are subjected to less effort, their useful life is lengthened and the risk of serious breakdowns is reduced.

With efficient driving, urban pollution is reduced, benefiting the quality of the air breathed. It also contributes to improving the problems of global warming of the atmosphere. And in addition, the emission of gases linked to respiratory or coronary diseases is reduced. Ultimately, practicing this style of driving benefits everyone.

More comfort and safety: the benefits of efficient driving
Efficient driving requires avoiding sudden braking and heavy acceleration, as well as shifting gears properly. They are tricks that ensure greater ride comfort, especially important on long trips. Efficient driving is synonymous with peace of mind at the wheel, avoiding stresses caused by traffic. Fleeing from these situations implies a reduction in the risk and severity of traffic accidents, since it is easier to anticipate them.

In short, efficient driving is an ally of road safety, by achieving:

Maintain a good safety distance to have sufficient reaction time
Reduce the top speed that can be reached on a certain route to achieve a constant average speed
Driving anticipating and preventing what may happen

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