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A led light bar is an essential accessory for any truck owner looking to improve visibility and style. Led light bars provide bright, focused light for safe nighttime driving, especially off-road or on rural roads. For trucks and SUVs, a light bar mounted on the roof or above the grill creates a rugged, impressive look. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right led light bar? Here’s an overview of the benefits of led light bars and tips for choosing the perfect model for your truck.

Best Led Light Bar

When choosing an led light bar, brightness and durability are key. The best light bars use high-quality leds that put out intense light—between 20,000 and 50,000 lumens. Good led bars also have housings made from tough aluminum or polycarbonate to protect the leds from vibration, dust and weather. Brands known for making the brightest, most durable led light bars include Baja Designs, Rigid Industries and KC HiLites.

Brightest Led Light Bar

If maximum brightness is your top priority, Baja Designs XL80 is one of the brightest led light bars on the market. This versatile bar pumps out 80,000 lumens on its highest setting. Comprised of Cree XHP50 leds, this bar can illuminate an area up to 920 feet down the trail. The Baja Designs XL80 has an IP68 dustproof and waterproof rating and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Led Light Bar For Trucks

When choosing an led bar for your truck, make sure to pick a size and mounting style suited to your vehicle. Smaller 20- to 24-inch light bars are ideal for ATVs, small trucks and Jeeps. Full-size trucks can accommodate 30- to 50-inch bars for maximum illumination. Some top led light bars for trucks include the Rigid Industries Radiance Plus and Baja Designs XL80. Make sure to check the dimensions to ensure proper fit.

LED Light Bar For Truck Grill

Mounting a led light bar above the grill creates an aggressive, rugged look while providing supplementary lighting. Light bars with amber cover lenses look sleek when installed on the grill. Make sure to check the dimensions and mounting style to ensure compatibility with your truck. Rigid Industries Amber 20″ E-Series and Baja DesignsLP6 with amber covers are two slick options for mounting to a truck grill.

Front Grill LED Lights for Trucks

In addition to light bars, some trucks feature rows of round or square led pods on the grill for sharp looks and functional lighting. These LED grill lights come in a range of sizes and can be installed above, below or embedded in the grill. For a tough truck ready for off-road adventure, a set of Baja Designs XL Sport Led Grill Lights or Rigid Industries Amber LED Grill Lights send the right message.

Truck Grill Light Bar

If your priority is style, a grill-mounted light bar kit creates an eye-catching look and improves visibility. The rigid Adapt led light bar bracket allows easy and secure installation of a 20-inch led light bar directly to your truck grill. With the flip of a switch, this setup provides stylish accent lighting and extra illumination when needed.

Led Grill Lights for Ford F250

Customizing your truck with led grill lights shows off your personality. High-quality LED grill lights engineered specifically for the Ford F250 include:

  • Baja Designs Ford F250 LP9 Grill Lights
  • Rigid Industries E-Series Ford F250 Amber LED Lights
  • Xprite 32Pcs LED Grill Lights Fit Ford

These easy-to-install led lights look amazing and provide practical lighting for Ford F250 owners.

Truck Grill Light Bar

The light bar you choose depends on truck model, configuration and personal taste. But for Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado and other full-size truck owners, the tough, trail-ready 50-inch Baja Designs OnX6 Arc-Series light bar mounted to the grill creates a rugged, head-turning look perfect for work or play.

Front Grill Led Lights for Trucks

LED grill lighting provides style and function. For a bold look, the KC HiLiTES Gravity Pro 6 Led Grill Light Kit features square 4-inch pods in your choice of colors. The included mounting brackets allow for easy DIY installation above, below or embedded in the grill. Whelen also makes a high-quality Amber LED Grill Light Kit for Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra and other full-size trucks.

Ford LED Grill Lights

Factory-installed Ford led grill lights are available on higher trim packages like the F-150 Limited and Raptor. But all Ford truck owners can customize with aftermarket led grill lights for a unique look. Baja Designs, Rigid Industries and Xprite all make Ford-specific led pods, bars and strips to mount on the grill. Just make sure to check dimensions for proper fit.

F150 Led Grill Lights

The best-selling Ford F150 has numerous led grill light options for customization. For a bright accent light, the 20-inch Baja Designs LED Light Bar with amber cover mounted horizontally on the grill looks great. Or add rectangular led pods, like the Xprite Amber LED Grill Lights, for a mesh look. Use LED light strips above and below the grill for maximum illumination and style.

2023 F150 Grill Lights

The latest Ford F150 features bolder grille styling with LED accent lighting on higher trims. Continue the aggressive look with LED grill lights on lower trim 2023 F150s. Quality light bars like the Rigid Industries Radiance Plus and rectangular LED pods made by Baja Designs and KC HiLiTES integrate seamlessly into the 2023 F150 grille. Make sure to check dimensions for an exact fit.

Raptor Grill Light Bar

The race-inspired Ford Raptor comes equipped with factory LED grill lighting for a daring look. Continue the Raptor spirit by adding a horizontal LED light bar above the grille. For optimal visibility, the 40-inch Baja Designs Squadron Sport light bar mounted on the Raptor grille creates an unstoppable look perfect for high-speed desert running.

Raptor Grill Light Bar

A set of rectangular led pods fills out the Raptor’s aggressive grill design. Baja Designs LP6 Pro LEDs are an excellent choice. These 6-inch pods feature a durable aluminum housing, transparent polycarbonate lens and come in 35-watt spot or flood beam patterns. Mount a row of Baja Designs Raptor LP6 Pro LED Lights along the top of the grille for rugged style ideal for the trail or street.

Raptor Grill Light Bar

The Ford Raptor’s rugged styling calls for a rugged light bar. For maximum illumination, the 50-inch Rigid Industries RDS-Series Hybrid Spot/Flood light bar is one of the toughest. Made from powder-coated aluminum with oversized mounting brackets, this LED light bar can take abuse while delivering 24,990 lumens of brightness. Combined with a stylish black-accented grille, this light bar screams performance.

Raptor Lights

Amber Raptor lights provide both style and increased side visibility. Popular options like Baja Designs Raptor Side Lights feature amber LEDs encased in durable aluminum housings that integrate seamlessly with the body lines of the truck. These LED side markers improve visibility and look right at home on the Raptor’s fun, performance-oriented design.

Tacoma Raptor Lights

While the Raptor look seems reserved for full-size trucks, Tacoma owners can also customize with Raptor-style LED side lights. The Baja Designs LED Amber Side Markers for Toyota Tacoma feature a durable, compact aluminum housing that seamlessly follows the lines of the Tacoma for factory-level fit. Integrated amber reflectors improve visibility while complementing the Tacoma’s rugged adventurous spirit.

White Raptor Lights

For a bold look, white Raptor-style marker lights provide bright, focused LED illumination from integrated side mounts. Popular options like the Rigid Industries E-Series 6-Inch LED Side Marker Lights and the Baja Designs LED Side Marker Lights with white LEDs stand out against the truck’s body color while improving visibility on the road or trail.

Amber vs White Raptor Lights

Choosing the color of your Raptor lights comes down to preference. Amber LED side markers blend in for a more factory look while providing helpful visibility. White Raptor-style lights stand out more for increased style. For the best of both worlds, use amber Raptor lights on the front sides and white LED markers on the rear sides of the truck.

4Runner Lights

The Toyota 4Runner’s classic SUV design is ideal for custom LED lighting. For a standout look, a light bar on the roof takes the 4Runner’s adventurous spirit to the next level. Or complement the grille with LED pods and strips. For improved visibility and style, add rectangular LED side markers. With quality LED lighting from brands like Baja Designs, Rigid Industries and KC HiLiTES, possibilities for customizing the 4Runner are nearly endless.

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