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2023 Tesla Model X Review: The Premier Electric SUV

Tesla SUV, including the Model X and Model Y, exemplify the perfect blend of cutting-edge design, thrilling acceleration, and eco-friendly credentials. With their smooth, futuristic aesthetic and instant torque from powerful electric motors, Tesla’s SUVs offer a glimpse into the exciting future of electric vehicles.

Impressive Range and Charging Capabilities

Thanks to Tesla’s advancements in battery technology, their electric SUVs can travel 300+ miles on a single charge depending on configuration. Tesla’s rapidly expanding Supercharger network also enables convenient, ultra-fast charging while on road trips. This provides peace of mind and eliminates range anxiety.

Revolutionary Autopilot and Self-Driving Tech

Tesla’s advanced Autopilot system introduces semi-autonomous driving capabilities to their SUVs, including automated steering, braking, lane changes, and speed adjustments. Their Full Self-Driving mode takes this even further for smarter, safer navigation. Tesla’s AI-powered tech is leading the way towards fully autonomous EVs.

Spacious, Tech-Savvy Cabins

The minimalist, elegant cabins of Tesla’s SUVs comfortably seat up to 7 adults depending on the model. They also feature futuristic touches like a massive touchscreen interface, over-the-air software updates, and mobile app control. Tesla prioritizes both style and high-tech user experiences.

Top Safety Ratings and Driver Assistance

Safety is paramount for Tesla vehicles. Their SUVs come equipped with the latest active safety features and driver assistance tech, enabling capabilities like automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and more. Tesla SUVs consistently earn top marks in crash tests as well.

Leading the Future of Sustainable Transportation

With their 100% battery-electric powertrains producing zero emissions, Tesla SUVs are at the forefront of sustainable personal transportation. Tesla continues to serve as a catalyst for transitioning towards renewable energy sources and reducing the environmental impact of driving.

For those looking to embrace the future of EV driving with incredible style, performance and technology, Tesla’s SUVs deliver like no other vehicles on the road. The Model X and Model Y continue Tesla’s groundbreaking leadership in the EV revolution.

Why is the Model Y not an SUV?

The Tesla Model Y is classified as a crossover SUV rather than a traditional SUV because it is built on a car platform shared with the Model 3 sedan rather than a truck platform like most SUVs. The Model Y has a lower ground clearance and is optimized more for on-road performance rather than off-road capability compared to a traditional SUV.

Is the Tesla Model 3 or Y bigger?

The Tesla Model Y is bigger than the Model 3. The Model Y is about 10 inches longer, 2 inches wider, and 8 inches taller than the Model 3. This gives the Model Y more interior cargo space and headroom.

Is Model Y like a SUV?

The Tesla Model Y has some SUV-like qualities such as optional all-wheel drive, higher ground clearance than a sedan, and available towing capacity. However, the Model Y rides lower to the ground than a traditional SUV and is built on a car rather than truck platform, so it drives more like a crossover.

Why is Model Y more expensive?

The Tesla Model Y is more expensive than the Model 3 mainly because it is larger in size, sits higher off the ground, offers optional 3rd row seating, and has more standard features. The larger size and capabilities add cost in materials, design, and production.

Is Model Y a luxury car?

The Tesla Model Y provides a luxury driving experience with tech-focused interior design, smooth electric acceleration, and premium interior options. However, at its price point, the Model Y is considered more of a premium mainstream electric crossover rather than a true luxury vehicle.

Should I buy a Model S or Y?

The Tesla Model S is a higher-end luxury sedan while the Model Y is a more affordable crossover SUV. Consider the Model S if you want superior performance, tech, and luxury features. But the Model Y offers great value, seating capacity, and practicality. Test drive both to decide which best suits your needs.

Is Model Y still the best?

The Tesla Model Y maintains key advantages like leading electric range, responsive performance, automated driving features, and a large yet stylish interior. However, new electric crossovers are coming from other automakers that may give the Model Y more competition.

Is the Model Y the slowest Tesla?

Yes, the Tesla Model Y Long Range currently has the slowest acceleration of any Tesla vehicle. It can go 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. By comparison, the Performance version does 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds.

How long will a Model Y last?

There is limited long-term reliability data on the Model Y since it is a relatively new model. However, Tesla vehicles tend to be very durable. With proper maintenance and battery care, a Model Y should last 200,000+ miles or over 10 years before requiring major repairs.

How much is Tesla battery replacement?

According to Tesla, a new Model Y battery pack replacement currently costs around $16,000 – $24,000 including parts and labor. The cost can vary based on battery size, vehicle configuration, and service location.

How much is Tesla maintenance?

Routine Tesla maintenance costs are low compared to gas vehicles since EVs don’t require oil changes, fuel system maintenance, spark plug replacements, etc. Tesla estimates Model Y annual maintenance to be about $300 for inspections, tire rotation, and cabin filter replacement.

How much does it cost to replace Tesla Model Y battery?

Replacing the Tesla Model Y battery pack costs between $16,000 – $24,000 including parts and labor costs according to Tesla. The exact cost can vary based on battery size, vehicle configuration, and service location.

What happens if my Tesla runs out of charge?

If your Tesla runs completely out of charge, it will coast to a stop and shut down. You will need to contact roadside assistance to have it towed to a charging station or home charger. Running the battery to zero should be avoided when possible to maximize battery health.

Do Teslas hold their value?

Yes, Tesla vehicles tend to hold their value very well compared to other car brands. Strong demand, excellent durability, and advanced tech contribute to higher resale values. According to industry estimates, the Tesla Model Y retains over 50% of its value after 50,000 miles.

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