The Best Ergonomic Gel Seat Cushion For Office Chair

What is the best gel seat cushion?

Your office chair shouldn’t be a literal headache. If your chair doesn’t offer comfortable and supportive padding for working at your desk, an ergonomic seat cushion is the best inexpensive alternative to buying a better chair. After almost three months of researching 17 seat cushions and testing 11 of them, we recommend the Purple Double Seat Cushion because it offers two levels of firmness, stays cool and holds its shape all day thanks to its unique gel lattice construction.

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Gel Seat Cushion

The purple double seat cushion held us up with cushy elasticity unlike any other seat cushion we tested, offering firm support without being stiff. We liked that you can flip the cushion over so it will feel good whether you prefer soft or hard seats. And we also love that it doesn’t get hot thanks to its unique honeycomb gel design. Some people may not like the sway of this cushion – it’s like perched on a big, jelly-like Belgian waffle – but that’s part of what makes it feel so light and airy to sit on.


The Best Ergonomic Gel Seat Cushion For Office Chair
Gel Seat Cushion

The Tempur-Pedic Seat Cushion is a thin, medium firm seat cushion with soft elasticity. Because it is 1½ inches thick (except for the raised edges and medium contour), the Tempur-Pedic will not raise you as high as thicker seat cushions like the Purple Double or our budget pick, the Xtreme Comforts cushions. , which could be ideal. If you just want a little extra padding, but not that much, you need to adjust your workstation for the best ergonomic fit. The ridge between the legs helps keep your knees and thighs hip-width apart, but that contour may not be comfortable for everyone.


The Best Ergonomic Gel Seat Cushion For Office Chair 1
Gel Seat Cushion

At 19 inches wide, the Xtreme Comforts Large Seat Cushion is one of the roomiest seat cushions we’ve tested (most other cushions are 15 to 18 inches wide). That reduces the likelihood that the seat cushion is too narrow to support your lower body, but you will need to check the width of the chair seat to make sure it fits. Although it is almost twice as thick as the Purple Double and the Tempur-Pedic, the Xtreme Comforts cushion is very soft, so you will sink much more into it than you would with those firmer but thinner pillows. Most of our testers liked the fluffy feel of the cushion, but it runs hotter than our other picks.


Gel Car Seat Cushion

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