Taking care of the pressure of the wheels is a basic recommendation to guarantee the correct operation of the car. It is the only element of the car in direct contact with the asphalt. Checking tire pressure on a regular basis is vitally important. It is simple and in this way, you ensure your safety and the efficiency and fuel consumption of the car.

The task of measuring tire pressure is simple. You can do it on your own with the help of a pressure gauge and a compressor. Or at any gas station, where you will find an inflation system with the usual “Air and water” sign. Are these meters reliable? They are becoming more so, as service stations have installed payment machines that help improve maintenance.

The second thing you have to check is the pressure recommended by the manufacturer depending on the tire and the load transported. You can check it on an adhesive label located on the frame of the driver’s door or on the cap of the fuel tank. A normal passenger car has a pressure of around 2 bars on each wheel.



What is the risk of low tire pressure?

Loss of load capacity
Unstable and imprecise cornering behavior
Greater friction and therefore consumption
Premature deformation
Irregular wear (greater at the lateral ends of the tread)
Increased risk of blowout or puncture
Less grip in wet conditions
Steering vibrations
It is also not advisable to exceed the optimal pressure, as it has negative effects on the behavior of the car. By having a smaller contact surface, the vehicle offers less grip, impairing braking capacity, and greater wear and tear on the suspension, which can lead to serious and costly breakdowns.

As a general recommendation, the correct thing to do is to measure the pressure of the wheels once a month, and especially when we are going to make a long trip and with the trunk loaded. Check the pressure of all the wheels of the car, including the spare wheel if your vehicle has one.

Tires tend to lose pressure over time, even when the car is stationary. Hence, the importance of the periodic review of the pressure of the wheels, since in many cases the loss of air is caused by a valve in bad condition, a damaged tire or by the disuse of the vehicle itself.


Por qué es importante revisar la presión de los neumáticos?

Try to perform the measurement when cold, that is, when the car has not been on the road for a long time. As far as possible, not more than three or four kilometers. The reason? The air in the wheel expands when the temperature rises due to the effect of rolling, consequently increasing the tire pressure. If you cannot avoid this circumstance, add 0.2 bar to the measure recommended by the manufacturer, since when cold it will adjust to the optimal pressure.

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