Wash Your Car Like a Pro at Home

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10 Tips To Wash Your Car Like a Pro at Home

More and more people decide to take the cleaning of their cars in their hands. And it is not for less, the expenses for having a car are already enough to also add the car wash.

In the current era it is better to keep the car as clean as possible. In a previous article we explained how to keep the interior of your car clean and this time we want to make some recommendations on cleaning the exterior of your vehicle and several tips to make this task much easier and Car Like a Pro at Home.

Always wash your car in the shade

The reason is very simple, if your car is exposed to the sun’s rays when it is covered with soap and water, it is very likely that the detergent will adhere to the paint. In addition, with the sun the cleaning properties of the soap you are using decrease.

A second consequence of washing your car in the sun is the accelerated wear of the glass and bodywork due to the sudden change in temperature. With constant exposure to the sun’s rays, your car’s windshield and paint become hot, and using cold water can further damage them.

Use two buckets to wash it

Car Like a Pro at Home In one place the soap, shampoo or cleaner you are using, in the second place plain water. Soak the sponge or rag in the soapy bucket and after cleaning your car, rinse it in the clean water each time.

With this simple trick you will ensure that all the dirt stays in the bucket with water and the soap does its job more easily. As if that were not enough, you prevent small residues that you remove with the sponge from adhering to it and scratching the paint.

Use microfiber towels and special soap

Microfiber towels are much gentler on your car’s paint, which is why they are more recommended than the cotton rags most people use.

A very common mistake when washing a car is to use the same cloth with which you waxed your vehicle in the past. The problem here is that the wax residue can solidify and scratch your car’s paint.

Car Like a Pro at Home Always use shampoo and special soap for cars. Homemade products usually contain more corrosive substances that wear down the shine of the paint.

Excess dirt

After a long drive in the countryside our car ends up with too much dust and bugs squashed all over the bodywork. For those situations, it will be better to use a cloth dipped in water and slide it over it to reduce the adhesion of dirt.

In this way you will not have to rub too hard to remove dirt from the bodywork.

Start with the tires

When washing a car, it is best to start with the tires. The reason is because they are usually the dirtiest and you don’t want to dirty part of the body when washing them. Also, if you use special products such as polishes, you can impregnate the paint of your car Car Like a Pro at Home.

After the tires continue on the roof and then go down. Roof, mirrors and windshield, hood, trunk and the rest of the bodywork. In this way, the dirt on the upper parts when falling will not dirty parts that are already clean.

At the time of rinsing

Use a bucket and a tray to rinse your car, you will save water and you will be more aware of not leaving soap residues on the bodywork.

If you use a special pressure hose, check the distance at which you should aim the water jet. Try not to point the jet directly at the softer parts of the vehicle such as rubber, plastic or acrylic gaskets Car Like a Pro at Home.

Although it sounds a little strange to you, the best way to dry the glass and the windshield is to use newspaper. Does not leave cloth besides being very manageable and economical.

Do not use the same products for the interior

The shampoo that is normally used to clean the exterior of the car is more aggressive than the products that you should use to clean the interior of your car and Car Like a Pro at Home.

Currently there are special products for the dashboard, seats and finishes with UV protector that prevent excessive wear over time, in addition to leaving a natural shine without greasy residue.

Apply the right wax

Despite being much easier to apply, spray waxes are not the most recommended because they do not offer the protection of cream waxes. Those of the second type offer greater density, gloss and protection against UV rays and Car Like a Pro at Home.

In the article “How to protect your car from the sun” we give you some advice on what type of wax you should use for your car depending on the use you give your vehicle.

polish imperfections

Although not directly related to washing the car, buffing out bodywork blemishes will make cleaning your vehicle easier. Scratches or scratches that are not very deep can be repaired with pastes that are easy to apply and then polish them. If the scratch is very deep, it is best to take it to a workshop look Car Like a Pro at Home.

Keep in mind that you should only carry out this action when the damage is easy to remove and in that case no more than twice a year as the car’s paint wears off and you can cause worse damage.

Invest in a steam engine

Steam machines are great for cleaning car mats and various pieces of fabric. Although this tool can be a bit expensive, perhaps you can consider it as an investment since the clothing of your car will suffer less wear look Car Like a Pro at Home.

If the seats of your car are made of leather, you should also protect them with oils or renovating creams to avoid cracks.

Cover your car with a tarp

Finally, we want to recommend that you protect your car with a tarp or car cover, in order to protect it from annoying bird debris, dust, dry leaves, and the sun look Car Like a Pro at Home.

By protecting your car in this way, you lengthen the life and shine of the paint, in addition to what, you facilitate the task of washing it.

Try to wash your car at least once a week to prevent dirt from accumulating and adhering to the paint. If you maintain a constant cleaning it will be much easier to maintain the shine of the paint and you will be able to be on the lookout for quick repair wear look Car Like a Pro at Home.

Wash Your Car Like a Pro at Home

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