What to do if I get a flat tire?

Watch out! Know what to do when you get a flat tire while driving

It is a very common situation, but also risky. Imagine driving your vehicle at a safe speed through a fast lane and suddenly you feel a slight jolt, a slight explosion and feel that your car begins to lose maneuverability. A flat or flat tire while driving your car can cause you more risks than you might consider. Do you know what to do in those cases? Do not miss the following information!

We all got scared for a moment Come on, we have to admit it! But the important thing is to remain calm and know how to act safely in such cases. Therefore, we share below some suggestions that will be very useful if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Calm and prudence. A flat tire is not a situation that we expect, much less when we are driving, and therefore it is normal to be alarmed when this happens to us. However, it is very important to know that staying calm, being careful with our quick actions and maintaining a steady drive is of vital importance. What we do in the first few seconds after the flat will determine how safe we ​​are later on.

Firmly control the steering wheel. Depending on the speed at which you travel, a flat tire will inevitably cause your vehicle to lose little or a lot of its stability or control. For this reason, it is important that you control the steering wheel firmly and keep the direction of the vehicle straight until you stop in a safe area.

Do not brake violently. The worst thing we can do in these cases is to quickly and violently press the brake pedal. With a flat tire, braking in this way could, on the contrary, cause a much worse situation. The car could spin out of control and lose balance. Calmly take your foot off the accelerator and as the car begins to slow, gently press on the brake pedal.

Turn on the flashing lights. It is important to alert and communicate the problem that you have just suffered to other drivers on the road. Pull your car over to a safe area and turn on your lights appropriately. Also place other safety signs such as cones or reflective signs.

Do not force the resistance of the tires. Forcing your vehicle forward when you have just had a flat tire is risking increased damage. It’s best to park in a safe area, put on a spare tire, or call roadside assistance if necessary.

Keep these tips in mind so that a flat tire doesn’t stop your path or put your safety at risk. And if what you are looking for is security, don’t think twice! Contact one of the car insurance experts at Seguros sin Barreras today and discover everything we can do for your economy and safety.


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